Merly Grewal

Founder & Romance Concierge

This Company was started out of my passion for romance. I loved the idea of helping others propose in a romantic and complete personalized way, sweeping that special someone off their feet.


It didn't stop there, as a young married professional I experienced first hand how difficult it can be to plan and manage a romantic date, while balancing work, family and friends. Understanding the importance of taking time to connect with that special someone in your life, led to creating a date packages service.

As a hopeless romantic, I take joy in seeing the little things that one does to make their special someone, feel truly special.


I want to take this time to mention my inspiration through all of this, my husband. Without his love and support, this would not be possible. He has been with me every step of the way.

At Once Upon A Date think of us as your personal Romance Conceirge

© Once Upon A Date

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